Idaho Cares Factory Farm


ICARE is a pro-agriculture organization that promotes safe, healthy, affordable food, local control, and the economic viability and sustainability of our rural communities and farms.

We support long-term land stewardship, transparency and accountability in land-use, the development of strong local and regional foodsheds, and efforts to ensure the long-term productivity of Idaho’s prime agricultural soils and natural resources.

ICARE's goals are guided by simple, common-sense principles. We want to make sure that:

1) Food-production practices funded by American taxpayers are socially responsible and sustainable.

2) Every American has access to safe, nutritious food

3) All farmers receive a living wage.

4) Food and farm policy prioritizes agricultural production for domestic consumption and food self-sufficiency

5) Food imports do not displace local production or depress prices.

Category: Agriculture - Factory Farming -
Country Name: United States
Address: PO Box 922, Fruitland, ID 83619
Phone Number: (208) 695-1556
Idaho Cares Factory Farm

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